blend all your days into weeks.

So, as I mentioned last post, I went back to good old South Jersey this past weekend. What I realize more and more is that being back there is great in tiny bursts. The family is great, the friends are great, the hangouts and catch-ups are great, but…
town of Berlin
Berlin just doesn’t cut it. So close to Philly, yet so, so far away. Even though it’s all kinds of expensive, New York is keeping me busy, at least.

I will say this though: being here is making me feel older and older every day. Not in a bad way or anything, just, you know, older. I had to put aside an immature vendetta against umbrellas and carry one to work. Am I old enough that I have to start calling truces now?

Anyway, I started this post wanting to try and put together some goals for this summer, but, well, I haven’t really figured them out myself. I’ll try to piece together something eloquent soon, but in the meantime, have this. It might be my favorite song of the decade, and it’s relevant cause, well, we really don’t have any sunshine.

On that, I’m off to bed. Fare thee well.


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