won’t let the nervous bury me.

Interesting epiphany: If someone on the street yells “JIM!” at me, I will take whatever they’re handing out because I’m too phased to walk away. As a result, four people have given me pamphlets about New York Sports Clubs in the past week. I am an idiot.

Also, I got a text from a friend last night in which he told me that at some point, I had said that I wanted to waltz at my wedding, specifically to this song:
This sounds like a catastrophic idea, as I can’t dance to save my life, let alone waltz, but I’m gonna stick with it. I want the guests at my wedding to be completely confused, starting with my mom.

I apologize for a lack of real updates recently. I feel like I’ve been overrun with a ton of visitors the last week, mainly cause I have been (the number is at four since Wednesday). It’s been nice, but because my room is rapidly becoming a hotel, there’s definitely some strain with the roommates. The last week’s been a blast though, what with the ’70s porn party (which, granted, felt like it was held in a pizza oven but absolutely could have gone much worse) and Gay Pride Palooza (to say the least, an experience).

This is what I expected my summer in NYC to be like: not necessarily a ton of scantily clad men on floats dancing to Michael Jackson songs, but new and interesting stuff going on every week. One of Berlin’s many, many drawbacks is that it literally has nothing to keep people busy. Here? Between free concerts, movie screenings (I get to see Funny People tomorrow, about a month early), working hard (or hardly working), and other miscellany, I’m in a little bit over my head with stuff to do. Which, you know, is exactly where I want to be.


1 Response to “won’t let the nervous bury me.”

  1. 1 valerieburchby
    July 1, 2009 at 4:20 am

    gahaha, love the blog title

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