carry me, caravan. take me away.

Hello, Belgrade. Nice to meet you.

Hello, Great Pond. Nice to meet you.

This is Great Pond. It’s 8,239 acres, and from the look of this picture, it was specifically created by Kodak for picturesque moments. Why am I showing you this? Because this is where I’m going to be spending my next three days.

Some backstory: an incredibly ambitious friend of a friend got a bit creative, and started planning out our very own music festival. The plan wouldn’t have gotten off the ground, but then someone volunteered a huge piece of farmland, and others looked into buying a bunch of food and a generator, and building a stage.

CARAVAN 2009 was born, our own little Woodstock. Except instead of Jefferson Airplane, there’ll be a lot of bands that my friends are in, that aren’t famous at all.

After seeing these pictures, I couldn’t be much more excited for this. Tomorrow, I load up my car and leave Berlin. After a stop in Trenton to pick up Val and Kathy, we’ll be road tripping eight hours to my new home away from home.

I’m rooting for this thing. I really hope it isn’t an epic disaster, and that we’re all left for dead in Belgrade… but if we were, we’d probably have a good story.

Hopefully, I’ll be back Monday in one piece.


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