my eyes dilate, my lips go green, my hands are greasy…

Finally, I’m writing in this guy again. My guess would be that it’s been roughly two months, and a fair amount’s happened in that time, but I’ll write about that later if my blogging sticks this time around. Currently, I’m eschewing the VMAs on MTV (when was the last time that they even showed an entire music video?) in favor of a Phillies game (get ‘im, Pedro), but there’s a bit of a more pressing matter that I want to discuss.

The title of this post comes from “Start Me Up,” by the Rolling Stones. That song is from their album Tattoo You, an album that apparently is really good, but one that I don’t own.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my roundabout, music nerdy way of saying that I’m thinking about getting a tattoo this week.

I’ve thought about getting one for a good amount of time, but there have been a few obstacles in the way. Unfortunately for the sane part of my brain, one of those impediments has fallen by the wayside, as I’ve been promised by a friend that, should I actually man up and do it, it would be paid for. This leaves a couple more problems, of course:

1) Finding a good location on my body. I’m not particularly muscular really anywhere, so I have to think a tattoo would look kind of dumb on most of the fantastically scrawny parts of me. Plus, as I get older, time and gravity would inevitably win out.

2) The permanence. I don’t have a problem with something being on my body for the rest of my life. My major problem with that is that it would obviously have to be something that I’m into for the rest of my life, and at this point, the only thing I can think of that fits that category is something Philadelphia-related, as I love the city and know that I always will. As I don’t even really like the look of the Philly skyline, and due to the fact that tattooing a food item (cheesesteak? soft pretzel? water ice?) or cliche tourist-y thing (Liberty Bell?) on my body is repugnant to me, the only thing that seems consistent and appropriate to me is something to do with the Phillies.

Added bonus: the Phillies logo has the Liberty Bell on it anyway. So I guess that’s a win.

Here we go. I'm kind of just throwing ideas out there now.

Here we go. I'm kind of just throwing ideas out there now.

There’s obviously no sense of urgency here, and I’m still looking around, but for now, there’s where I’m at. Possibly a Phillies logo, of a significant size, but not huge, and as for a location, I’m currently thinking on my neck or high up on my back. But we’ll see where it goes, and I’m absolutely taking suggestions.


3 Responses to “my eyes dilate, my lips go green, my hands are greasy…”

  1. September 14, 2009 at 3:59 am

    okay, here is what you get: it’s, like, a forty of olde english on your forearm, with the neck of the bottle towards your wrist, and the neck of the bottle turns into an IV needle in your arm, and there’s a couple little drops of blood.

  2. 2 dan
    September 14, 2009 at 4:22 am

    i heard a great thing to get tattooed on your body is ‘biquts’ so that way whenever you look at a reflection of it/yourself you remember why you did it.

    (i made adjustments to the letters i could so that the reflection would be a more accurate look to the word i was getting at – also this is from someone’s stand up that im ripping off)

    additionally – i think they’re dumb and if you are dead set on getting one, get – somehow a temp version that lasts 30 days or 15-20 of the same one and reapply it and after a month if you still look at it and dont have the urge to wash it off then maybe you did want it.

    finally – hopefully you come up with a better idea than a phillies logo. logos change, team names change, and whether yo want to believe the possibility to it – loyalties change and in 30 years any of those reasons will make getting this logo a bad idea on top of the fact that you dont have to permanently stamp your skin to show your support – they have very cheap phillies t-shirts and t-shirt jerseys that work the same.

    sorry for the blog-entry length post but i have strong feelings about tattoos.

  3. 3 Samantha Qualls
    September 14, 2009 at 7:48 am

    I think you are just copying me with my nyc tattoo i wanted.

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