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get up offa that thang, it’s time to relieve the pressure.

Tonight, a friend has commandeered my apartment for her party idea. The trainwreck potential (of both the greatness of the party and the lack of sobriety) is absolutely enormous, and the theme? ’70s porn. If this thing is a success, there will be pictures. If it is a spectacular failure, there will be video.

Wish us luck.



So, while I got a lot of things while I was home (food, clean clothing, affection, etc.), one thing that I managed to leave was my Patrick Carbrey Dunseith, Vol. 2. For those of you who don’t know, this is the name that the Lord bestowed upon my iPod.

This is a crisis. I walk to work. I can’t deal with listening to, you know, the hoipolloi.

In addition, I literally have one album of music on my computer. The other 15000 songs? On PCD.

*fetal position*


blend all your days into weeks.

So, as I mentioned last post, I went back to good old South Jersey this past weekend. What I realize more and more is that being back there is great in tiny bursts. The family is great, the friends are great, the hangouts and catch-ups are great, but…
town of Berlin
Berlin just doesn’t cut it. So close to Philly, yet so, so far away. Even though it’s all kinds of expensive, New York is keeping me busy, at least.

I will say this though: being here is making me feel older and older every day. Not in a bad way or anything, just, you know, older. I had to put aside an immature vendetta against umbrellas and carry one to work. Am I old enough that I have to start calling truces now?

Anyway, I started this post wanting to try and put together some goals for this summer, but, well, I haven’t really figured them out myself. I’ll try to piece together something eloquent soon, but in the meantime, have this. It might be my favorite song of the decade, and it’s relevant cause, well, we really don’t have any sunshine.

On that, I’m off to bed. Fare thee well.


Some are doctors, some lawyers, and business executives…

Dear Showtime,

I’ve only just recently started watching your program Weeds. It’s great. It really is. I watched the first season over a couple of days, and I’m into the second now.

With that said, I want the time that you’ve taken from me back, as I can’t seem to do anything other than watch this show. In addition, I absolutely hate Silas. HATE him..

Keep up the good work.


So yes, I’m back home in New Jersey this weekend, and more than likely, the time that I don’t spend sleeping will be spent watching Weeds. Highly recommended.


Live Long and Prosper, Indeed.

I’m at work, saw this, and really enjoyed it. The last two and a half minutes are the best. Conan=perfect. Shatner=drunk. Jim=pleased.


Yawning Zeitgeist Intro

Hey, everybody. Welcome to yet another blog that I’m probably gonna ask you to read from time to time.

I know that I flood you guys with status updates, Tweets, smoke signals, etc. about TDoFS, and I’m probably gonna keep doing that. But as I’m realizing, not all of you guys are as into music as I am, so this one will be more about me. Stuff I’m doing, stuff I like, etc. Is there gonna be some overlap between the two? I’m sure of it, but I’ll try and keep my inner Pitchfork to myself this time around.

First, the name of the blog. A couple reasons for it:

1) Radiohead. Apparently, was taken, so wins, leading to…

2) I’m not a deep person. Existentialism is not my thing. The actual subtitle of the song “There There” (The Boney King of Nowhere) seemed a little bit too intense. As it seems like I’m going to be in New York City for a while, the boney king of NYC sticks until I can come up with something better.

3) The title of the post. It’s a song by this rapper Busdriver. Weirdly, a friend of mine allegedly hooked up with Busdriver, but that’s another story altogether. Anyway, here are the lyrics, cause I found them kind of applicable:

“Do you have a fear of a black tangent? Were you born in the year of the rat? Do you cheer and clap when weird rap bands commence?

I can tell by your answer you’ll frolic with me in the foothills, and that you want your tofu patties cooked, not grilled. But it doesn’t matter, you’ve been enticed and drawn in with my hook and reel.”

So, Busdriver likes to ramble. And so do I. And even though I hate tofu, I guess that’s what I’ll be doing here.

Hope you enjoy it. Be ready for another real post in like fifteen minutes.